What if there was a way to protect children from being harmed in the name of faith?


There are different ways to go about trying to end religious child maltreatment. The problem is, none have been too successful. It’s time for a new approach.


I’ve looked at this problem…a lot. Is the plan to hope that religion just one day goes away? Not going to happen. The best way to protect children in faith communities is to educate the adults in those communities.

The great news is, many faith leaders, youth program directors, and congregants want to learn more about meeting children’s needs and teaching others about this issue. They want to learn about such things as

  • child development from birth to age 17
  • how faith teachings and practices both benefit and harm children
  • how to effectively respond to allegations of abuse

I know what you’re thinking…If there was a training program that did all that, why would faith communities take part? There are many reasons, but here’s a big one: The training program I’m involved with gives faith communities a chance to grow their congregations. You see, when they complete the (very rigorous) program, they are designated as Child-Friendly Faith Communities and recognized as role models in child protection.

Want to learn more? Email me at designation@childfriendlyfaith.org. Could you contribute to a campaign that’s helping to fund development of this designation program? Click on the image below. (Be sure to watch the awesome video that tells you all about it.)

Take part in this child-friendly faith movement. It’s an opportunity to recognize faith communities that “get” children and leave those that put children’s health and lives at risk to wither away.

Either way, thanks for caring about society’s youngest members!

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