What can non-believing child advocates learn from the grandson of the Rev. Billy Graham?

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Click the video to find out!   Boz Tchividjian is an Evangelical Christian, a law professor at Liberty University, and the grandson of the Rev. Billy Graham. What could he possibly have to say that would resonate with atheists, agnostics, humanists, and freethinkers? Well, plenty, when it comes to protecting children from abuse and neglect. Boz […]

No Prodigal Son: A young man who stopped believing Mormon teachings is rejected by his parents

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  Last weekend, I spoke at the annual ExMormon Foundation Conference. The organization supports those who have left, or been excommunicated from, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The “ExMo” conference is always held in “Mormon central,” or Salt Lake City. Many attendees came from Utah but I met people from all over the US. The youngest […]

A closer look at the Adrian Peterson case: Do culture and religion matter?


While the media seems largely focused on the fact that the Minnesota Vikings finally decided to bench its star running back, a more important—and politically incorrect—question needs to be asked: To what extent, if any, did Adrian Peterson’s religious beliefs and cultural background as an African American contribute to him beating and injuring his son? […]

What does a victim of child sexual abuse look like? Don’t ask Christianity Today.

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An embarrassing apology published by Christianity Today shows that leaders in the faith community still have a lot to learn about child sexual abuse. The readers of Christianity Today have taught the magazine a lesson—they know more about child sexual abuse then its editors do. Last Monday, CT published an article on its Leadership Journal website written by an unnamed pastor who is serving time in prison on sexual abuse charges. The […]

A very cool way to give


Want to donate to a worthy cause and ensure that your funds won’t be used to further the agenda of a religious organization? Looking for an easy way to give money to groups that are hand-selected by a team of intelligent, caring humanists? Would you like to go to just one place to check out […]

Proving Richard Dawkins wrong

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I am a fan of Richard Dawkins. I admire him as a biologist, as a straight-talking atheist, and as an advocate for victims of religious child maltreatment. He devotes a chapter in The God Delusion to the religious abuse of children. In June, I had the honor to be introduced by him at the American Humanist […]

What Can Atheists Do about Religious Child Maltreatment?

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I’ve been talking about religious child maltreatment for a while now. Our closed Facebook group has grown to more than 350 members and has become a supportive and safe place for survivors and others to share ideas and feelings. My book Breaking Their Will is still selling. All good stuff, right? That question deserves to be met […]

Justice for Hana and Immanuel

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I usually don’t follow criminal trials very closely, but I did in the case of Hana and Immanuel Williams. In 2008, the two had been adopted from Ethiopia by Larry and Carri Williams. The couple brought the girl and boy to live with them and their seven biological children in their gated-community home in Sedro-Woolley, Washington. […]

More than she could bear


By now you’ve probably heard about the case of Nina Koistinen. The 36-year-old mother from Phoenix has been charged with first-degree murder, after she confessed to suffocating her 6-day-old baby, Maya. Koistinen reportedly told authorities that she killed the child, because she “had too many kids already” and was jealous of the attention her husband […]

A survivor of religious child maltreatment becomes an advocate for children who suffer today

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Liz Heywood grew up in the Christian Science Church outside of Boston, the church’s headquarters. When she was a teenager, she developed a serious bone infection in her knee. Her family, members of the Christian Science Church, arranged for her to receive faith healing. No one took her to see a doctor, even as she […]