Idaho is up for even more children dying from religious medical neglect

A legislative committee in Idaho is about to consider a bill that would endanger the lives of countless children in that state. Senate Bill 1182, filed by Sen. Dan Johnson, aims to change the laws that provide religious exemptions to parents who deny their children needed medical care. Already, more children die of “faith healing” […]

Will “pro-lifers” ever care about protecting the lives of the born?

As you probably know, I and other child advocates have been embroiled in a fight to save the health and lives of sick and injured children who are being raised in extreme “faith healing” religious groups. As of late, many of us have focused on Idaho. Not because it’s the only state that doesn’t penalize parents who deny their children […]

The well deserved anger of the abused child

I have witnessed, and been the target of, a lot of anger these past few weeks. One woman publicly and repeatedly attacked me because she disagreed with choices I’d made in trying to protect children from harm. I listened to a man who, with eyes wide, talked about how he grew up in a family that refused him and […]

What if there was a way to protect children from being harmed in the name of faith?

There are different ways to go about trying to end religious child maltreatment. The problem is, none have been too successful. It’s time for a new approach.   I’ve looked at this problem…a lot. Is the plan to hope that religion just one day goes away? Not going to happen. The best way to protect children in faith communities […]

Apologists already making excuses in the Word of Life beating-death case

It’s painful enough to learn that at least eight members of the Word of Life Christian Church in New Hartford, New York, allegedly took part in beating to death 19-year-old Lucas Leonard and left his younger brother, 17-year-old Christopher, in critical condition. Two of the alleged perpetrators were the victims’ parents, Bruce and Deborah Leonard. But it’s […]

When anger gets in the way of solidarity

I’m sure you’re aware of the horrific tragedy that took place on March 21 in Brooklyn. Seven children, aged 5 to 16, all from the same family, perished in a fire. The mother and one daughter narrowly escaped. I stared at photos of the grief-stricken father. I saw images of weeping members of Orthodox Jewish […]

What can non-believing child advocates learn from the grandson of the Rev. Billy Graham?

Click the video to find out!   Boz Tchividjian is an Evangelical Christian, a law professor at Liberty University, and the grandson of the Rev. Billy Graham. What could he possibly have to say that would resonate with atheists, agnostics, humanists, and freethinkers? Well, plenty, when it comes to protecting children from abuse and neglect. Boz […]

A closer look at the Adrian Peterson case: Do culture and religion matter?

While the media seems largely focused on the fact that the Minnesota Vikings finally decided to bench its star running back, a more important—and politically incorrect—question needs to be asked: To what extent, if any, did Adrian Peterson’s religious beliefs and cultural background as an African American contribute to him beating and injuring his son? […]

What does a victim of child sexual abuse look like? Don’t ask Christianity Today.

An embarrassing apology published by Christianity Today shows that leaders in the faith community still have a lot to learn about child sexual abuse. The readers of Christianity Today have taught the magazine a lesson—they know more about child sexual abuse then its editors do. Last Monday, CT published an article on its Leadership Journal […]

A very cool way to give

Want to donate to a worthy cause and ensure that your funds won’t be used to further the agenda of a religious organization? Looking for an easy way to give money to groups that are hand-selected by a team of intelligent, caring humanists? Would you like to go to just one place to check out […]