What Price Religious “Freedom”?

The state of Oregon stands poised to end a dangerous practice. If a bill that has passed both the House and Senate becomes law, parents who allow their sick children to die after refusing them medical care on religious grounds would no longer be granted prosecutorial immunity. Passing this bill sends an important message: Parents […]

How “End Times” Beliefs Harm Children

I am one of the many people who chuckled at news stories about Harold Camping’s prediction that the world was going to end on May 21st. I heard about the tongue-in-cheek rapture parties and the celebratory post-rapture looting. And I, like so many others, found myself often shaking my head, wondering how could so many […]

Do Orthodox Jews Hold Children in High Esteem?

One woman recently asked me this question: “You say that the abuse [against children] cuts across all religions. However, in Judaism, even in extreme sects like Hassidism, children are viewed as ‘gifts from God’ and children are elevated to a very high status; family life really revolves around them and their needs and education. Because […]