What can non-believing child advocates learn from the grandson of the Rev. Billy Graham?

Click the video to find out!   Boz Tchividjian is an Evangelical Christian, a law professor at Liberty University, and the grandson of the Rev. Billy Graham. What could he possibly have to say that would resonate with atheists, agnostics, humanists, and freethinkers? Well, plenty, when it comes to protecting children from abuse and neglect. Boz […]

What does a victim of child sexual abuse look like? Don’t ask Christianity Today.

An embarrassing apology published by Christianity Today shows that leaders in the faith community still have a lot to learn about child sexual abuse. The readers of Christianity Today have taught the magazine a lesson—they know more about child sexual abuse then its editors do. Last Monday, CT published an article on its Leadership Journal […]

A Child Is Killed and Jewish Community Leaders Fail Abuse Victims Yet Again

The world was shocked upon learning that eight-year-old Leiby Kletzky had been kidnapped, murdered, and dismembered, and that the suspect was a man who lived in the child’s Orthodox Jewish community of Brooklyn. Members of that community were devastated beyond words. One of their own had brutally killed a helpless child—a child who had also been […]